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TRADE JUSTICE: Peru and Mexico Updates: TRADE Act of 2009 Introduced

Summary of TRADE Act of 2009:
Reps. Carnahan and Costello co-sponsor HB 3012 Trade Reform, Accountability, Development and Employment Act) -- SEND THEM A THANK YOU!
update on the Amazon situation from a Presbyterian Mission Co-worker in Peru:
An update on the situation in Peru: the news this morning is that the Congress has indeed repealed the Legislative Decrees (see below) in question which spurred the violence in Bagua. The indigenous communities of Bagua have ceded their blockade of the roads and the Congress will be re-assessing the Legislative Decrees which were passed as part of the implementation of the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement.

Some indigenous groups are still blockading transport access in various parts of the country, such as Cusco and Andahuaylas (Apurimac). This goes to prove that the conflicts are not limited to Bagua nor to these specific decrees, but reflect a reality of polarization and politicization of indigenous communities in the whole country as relating to Free Trade and issues of sovereignty. The government of Alan García would have us believe that the situation in Bagua is exceptional and resolved, led by foreign forces, and relating to only a minority of the population. However, signs point to a national indigenous movement against exploitation of natural resources, including land rights.

We at Joining Hands will continue to follow the situation as it unfolds. Our hope, prayer, and petition now is for genuine dialogue between the indigenous leaders and the government. Look for a letter to send to President Alan García regarding this point very soon.

Specifically with the Bridge of Hope Fair Trade program, we hope you will continue to push the Peruvian and US government for alternatives to free trade. One way to do that is to urge your House Representative to support the TRADE (Trade Reform, Accountability, Development, and Employment) Act,
sponsored by Rep. Mike Michaud (D - Maine). This act is designed to replace failed NAFTA-WTO policies and is one step closer to global economic justice. Read more and send a letter to your representative here . Feel free to mention your interest in the situation in Peru as a reason to reform these policies.
Peru Indians hail 'historic' day

Indigenous groups in Peru have called off protests after two land laws which led to deadly fighting were revoked.

Hailing victory, Amazonian Indian groups said it was an "historic day".

At least 34 people died during weeks of strikes against the legislation, which allowed foreign companies to exploit resources in the Amazon forest.

The violence provoked tension with Peru's neighbour, Bolivia, where President Evo Morales backed the Peruvian Indians' tribal rights.

"This is a historic day for indigenous people because it shows that our demands and our battles were just," said Daysi Zapata, vice president of the Amazon Indian confederation that led the protests.

She urged fellow activists to end their action by lifting blockades of jungle rivers and roads set up since April across six provinces in the Peruvian Amazon.

The controversial laws, passed to implement a free trade agreement with the US, were revoked by Peru's Congress by a margin of 82-12 after a five-hour debate.

Diplomatic dispute

The worst of the clashes occurred on 5 June when police tried to clear roadblocks set up by the groups at Bagua, 1,000km (600 miles) north of Lima.

At least 30 civilians died, according to Indian groups, as well as 23 police.

Peru's Prime Minister Yehude Simon said the reversal of policy would not put at risk Peru's free trade agreement with the US, but he has said he will step down once the dispute is settled.

The dispute led to a diplomatic row between Peru and Latin American neighbours Venezuela and Bolivia.

Peru recalled its ambassador to Bolivia for consultation on Tuesday after Bolivian President Evo Morales described the deaths of the indigenous protesters as a genocide caused by free trade.

Peru's Foreign Minister Jose Antonia Garcia Belaunde called Mr Morales an "enemy of Peru".


La Oroya:

Peru says may give Doe Run more time for clean up
LIMA, June 23 (Reuters) - Peru's government said on Tuesday it may give troubled Doe Run Peru more time to complete an environmental clean up of its La Oroya smelter as it tries to persuade the company to meet the terms of a financial bailout plan.

Banks canceled the company's credit lines about four months ago after metals prices fell. In April, a group of mining companies that sell concentrates to Doe Run Peru agreed to give it a $175 million credit line if its parent company, U.S.-based Renco Group, met two conditions.

The stipulations were that Renco had to fill a $156 million financial shortfall in its Peruvian unit and pledge its shares to the Peruvian government as a way of promising that its unit would finish an environmental cleanup project at one of the world's most polluted sites.

So far, the conditions haven't been met.

"The government has said that we could evaluate the environmental issue, which appears reasonable, but we won't extend it for five years or three years, we will reach for something more adequate," Labor Minister Jorge Villasante said on RPP radio.

When Doe Run Peru bought the smelter in 1997, it was expected to take 10 years to clean up La Oroya. In 2006, the company got a three-year extension that lasts until October of this year.

Doe Run Peru says it has so far spent $307 million on repairing damages and total costs will hit $500 million.

Frustrated by the impasse, workers and people from La Oroya have blocked Peru's main east-west highway to demand the government intervene in the company, but the government has said it doesn't want to take over the financially troubled unit of U.S.-based Renco. (Reporting by Teresa Cespedes; Editing by Christian Wiessner)
Doe Run Peru workers will no longer be allowed at the company's installations in La Oroya, because the company will halt all the operations during 90 days, starting on June 22nd.

This was confirmed by the corporate vice President of environmental affairs, Jose Mogrovejo, who said that the company does not have resources to afford the payroll since it is not operating.

The company has proposed to pay 50% of the salaries during this enforced break.

The General Secretary of the National Federation of Mining Workers (FNTMMSP), Luis Castillo, said that “there is no political will” --neither from the Government nor from the company-- to solve Doe Run's problems, and that the workers are very concerned about their situation.

IKN: Doe Run Peru: Showtime
By Otto Rock
Workers at Doe Run Peru (DRP) are going on indefinite strike at La Oroya, Peru as of 10pm tonight. This represents a significant acceleration in the ongoing dispute at the plant which is already closed due to lack of funds. ...

22 June, 2009 [ 09:31 ]
Peru's Central Road blocked by protesters
Isabel Guerra

La Oroya's residents and thousands of Doe Run Peru workers are currently blocking three spots of Peru's Central Road, as a protest against the smelter's temporary closure.

Doe Run announced the smelter would shut down operations for 90 days, paying only 50% of the workers' salaries.

According to RadioProgramas del Peru (RPP), the protesters are blocking the road's exits from La Oroya to Lima, Huancayo anf Chanchamayo (Junin region).

Some other Unions and workers association have joined Doe Run workers' protest.

Peru's Police has sent its special squads to establish alternative routes and to prevent further problems.

Road's Police has also stopped the cargo trucks and passengers buses traffic at Corcona Control Post, located at the Km, 48 of the Central Road.

Living in Peru
Peru's Central Road blocked by protesters
Living in Peru - Lima,Peru
La Oroya's residents and thousands of Doe Run Peru workers are currently blocking three spots of Peru's Central Road, as a protest against the smelter's

Living in Peru
Peru's Government rules out intervention in Doe Run

Living in Peru - Lima,Peru
Thousands of workers from La Oroya smelter are currently holding a public protest, because they do want the government to intervene so that they don't lose ...

Doe Run miners block central highway to protest temporary 90-day ...
By anniether
The trade unions are pressuring Peru President Alan García to guarantee that the La Oroya smelter resumes normal activity, as it generates 3500 direct jobs and 16000 indirect jobs. The metallurgical complex of La Oroya run by Doe Run ...
Peruvian Times -
Peru's Pres Garcia Faces More Protests, Low Approval Rating
Wall Street Journal - USA
In the La Oroya area in central Peru, workers and local residents have blocked the main central highway, trying to pressure the government and Doe Run Peru ...

Central Road Blocked
Poder 360 - Miami,FL,USA
Almost 3000 Doe Run Peru (DRP) workers who work in the La Oroya province have blocked the Carretera Central road. They are calling for a solution to the ...

Peru's Pres Garcia Faces More Protests, Low Approval Rating
Wall Street Jour nal - USA
In the La Oroya area in central Peru, workers and local residents have blocked the main central highway, trying to pressure the government and Doe Run Peru ...

Central Road Blocked
Poder 360 - Miami,FL,USA
Almost 3000 Doe Run Peru (DRP) workers who work in the La Oroya province have blocked the Carretera Central road. They are calling for a solution to the ...


WAXMAN-MARKEY BILL--CALL BEFORE FRIDAY -- this issue relates universally

We’ve reached a critical stage in our fight for strong climate legislation. As you probably know, the Waxman-Markey Bill (the American Clean Energy and Security Act) is now scheduled for a vote this Friday, June 26.

That means we need to focus on two things:

Strengthen this bill as much as we can by Friday.
Pass it through the House so we can work to defend and improve it in the Senate and in Conference before it reaches the President’s desk.
To do this we need to generate as many calls and communications as possible to our Representatives so they can’t tune us out.

Can you help to generate calls from your state to members of the House of Representatives? We need to see a huge increase in both the overall volume of the calls and faxes coming into Congress AND the number of influential individuals in each district calling in support of the bill.

We’ve attached sample talking points for calling Congress
With the Waxman-Markey bill up for a vote this Friday, June 26, Congress needs to hear from active citizens like you who want a strong clean energy bill this year.
Please call your Congressperson now and tell him/her we need a strong clean energy bill!
Call (202) 224-3121 and ask to be directed to your Representative. When you are connected to your Congressional member’s office, ask to speak to a legislative assistant (L.A.) in charge of energy policy.
When you call, here are some talking points you can use:
• Strong energy and climate legislation is essential for long-term economic prosperity.
• The American Clean Energy and Security Act, HR 2454, which will come to a vote on the House floor this week, represents a critical opportunity to deliver on President Obama’s vision for a clean energy economy.
• We urge you to oppose any efforts to weaken this bill, and to actively encourage and support moves to strengthen it before it comes to a vote on the House floor.
• In addition to defending against weakening the bill and supporting any strengthening amendments, we urge you to vote to Pass this bill out of the House so we have the opportunity to continue to try and improve it as it moves from the Senate to conference.
• The 1Sky campaign has worked with a broad cross section of organizations around the country to urge Congress to strengthen this bill. We urge your Representative to stand with the more than 40 members of the House who have signed a Dear Colleague letter circulated by Representatives Pingree and Ellison calling for the bill to be strengthened in three key ways:
o Holding Polluters Accountable – restore authority to the EPA to regulate coal plants;
o Increasing investment in green jobs and in protecting vulnerable communities against the impacts of global warming
o Improving the renewable energy standard

MEXICO: from the Alliance for Global Justice/1247 E St. SE/DC 2003/202.544.9355 www,

Oaxaca, Mexico: Repression Against CODEP-APPO (Committee in Defense of the Rights of the People)--Your Solidarity Needed!
June 23,2009
The Campaign for Labor Rights received this alert from our friends at Global Women's Strike:

Dear Friends,

CODEP-APPO (Committee in Defense of the Rights of the People), with which we held an international women's conference in March 2008, is again being targeted for repression. Taxi driver Sergio Martínez Vasquez, was murdered on 7 June, and odontologist Agustin Rios Cruz was beaten almost to death and is now in exile - both were members of CODEP's state council. Others have been threatened, including exiled teachers Jaquelina López Almazán and Samuel Hernandez Morales.

We urge you to write to the addresses below in protest. See model letter below. If you agree, we will also add your name to a list of signatories and send the letter below with all the signatures to the national paper La Jornada and Oaxaca papers. Send your endorsement to:

For more information go to:

Thank you for your support.
Nina López and Didi Rossi
Global Women's Strike



CC: Felipe Calderón, president of Mexico
and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, governor of the State of Oaxaca

We have been made aware that the governments of Felipe Calderón and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz are again repressing Indigenous communities, this time in Ocotlán Valley, and targeting members of CODEP-APPO (Committee in Defense of the Rights of the People) and their taxi service which provides transport between communities.

The Indigenous communities have been defending the environment, demanding the closure of mines operated by Canadian-owned-corporation Fortuna Silver which they accuse of polluting water and soil, causing illness and death. Tests carried out by independent laboratory Sanica have confirmed the presence of arsenic, cyanide, lead and mercury stemming from mining activities.

Local newspaper El Imparcial reported that government officials were being paid by the company to maintain their support for the mining project, and that the company has armed paramilitary groups to intimidate people who oppose them.

Paramilitaries have also been used extensively by Ulises Ruiz Ortiz to repress the massive community-teacher movement to which women were central, and which gained national and international prominence in 2006.

A few days ago, on 7 June 2009, Sergio Martínez Vasquez, a member of CODEP's state council, was shot dead (see distressing photos attached). We understand that all signs point to paramilitaries. This is not the first time human rights advocates have been shot in Oaxaca: Marcos García Macedas also of CODEP was shot in his car in November 2006, fortunately he survived. Independent US journalist Brad Will was not so lucky: he was shot dead while filming in October 2006. So have many others. And many more still have been raided and imprisoned. Their families, friends and colleagues are still fighting for justice.

Odontologist Agustin Rios Cruz, another CODEP member, was recently beaten almost to death and is now in exile. Others have been threatened, including teachers Jaquelina López Almazán and Samuel Hernandez Morales who have been in exile from Oaxaca since 2006.

Because of the above mentioned, we urgently demand:

· An immediate public investigation into the murder of Sergio Martínez Vasquez and the assault on Agustin Rios Cruz - the arrest, prosecution and punishment of the culprits.
· An end to the violation of human rights of the Indigenous people of Ocotlan, the members of CODEP and its taxi service, and the teachers who support them - their defense of the environment should be a priority for governments worldwide.
· The immediate and unconditional release of everyone arrested during the protest or in subsequent raids.
· The departure of mining companies which have been contaminating water and soil in the Valley of Ocotlán.

The violations in Ocotlán concern us all and we will continue to keep a watchful eye on unfolding events in Oaxaca.

Send your letters to:


FAX (55) 52 77 23 76

Ministro Presidente Guillermo I. Ortiz Mayagoitia
Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación (Supreme Court of the Nation)





TEL. (55) 53 46 09 08


PDTE. DE LA COMISIÓN NACIONAL DE DERECHOS HUMANOS (President of the National Human Rights Commission)

FAX (55) 56 81 71 99,

RPTE. DE LA OFICINA DEL ALTO COMISIONADO PARA LOS DERECHOS HUMANOS EN MEXICO (Representative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights In Mexico)

FAX: (55) 52812409




EMAIL: // Fax: (+52) 951 502 0530


June 22, 2009
Support the Workers of Muebles Finos de Tijuana

The Campaign for Labor Rights received this alert from Enrique Dávalos of the San Diego Maquiladora Workers' Solidarity Network/Red de San Diego en Solidaridad con los y las Trabajadoras de la Maquila:

Solidarity letter for the Tijuana workers of Muebles Fino Buenos, a maquiladora of Good Companies, Finegood the Company y Holding's Inc. from Carson, California

Sign the letter by going to this link:

Mr. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán
Governor of Baja California

Lic. Rommel Moreno Manjarrez
General Attorney of the State of Baja California

A group of ex-workers of the maquiladora company "Muebles Fino Buenos, SA de CV." of Tijuana have brought suit against the lawyer of the company, Mr. Vladimir Téllez Montaño; the president of the union of the company, Mr. Cesar Soto Agüero; and the president and secretary of the Tijuana Labor and Arbitration Board, (Special Office # 1), Mr. Leonardo Martinez Delgado and Mr. Abel Ulises Monge Angulo. The workers accuse these people of fraud and abuse of authority, request their consignation, and demand the payment the company owns them for work and damages. The workers suit was brought to the court (Agente del Ministerio Público del Fuero Común, Unidad Orgánica de Delitos Patrimoniales) on March 14, 2008. Their case file number is: A.P.3217/08.

According to the workers, the conflict with the company began in 2006. On October 20, the union leader, Mr. Cesar Soto Agüero, declared a strike in the name of the workers against the company. He told the workers the factory would be shut down soon and that a strike was needed in order to force the company to pay the workers their salaries and severance payments. Among the approximately 900 workers of the company, many had been there for over 10 years.

However, the workers explain they learned that the company controlled the union and the strike was just a way to delay the payment of their salaries. The strike went on for more than one year in order to demoralize the workers while the company offered them to give peanuts instead of pay their whole salary. The strategy worked and many workers gave up, but some resisted in spite of threats and aggression by union's thugs.

The company and the union ended the strike on Nov 28, 2007. An agreement was signed by the union on behalf of the workers, but without consulting them. The company gave the workers only about 25% of their salaries. The workers rejected the agreement, but the Labor Board of Arbitration and Conciliation ratified it.

Furious about the agreement, a group of 26 workers decided to fight back. They argue the Mexican Labor Law, Article 33, nullified any agreement in which workers salaries and benefits are not respected. The workers believe the government officials committed a crime. They demand the prosecution of the lawyer of the company, the president of the union, and the president and secretary of the Labor Board who ratified the agreement.

People from the US, Mexico and other countries have united to sign this letter demanding justice for Muebles Fino Buenos ex-workers and requesting that the Mexican law be respected.

Attached in Spanish is the letter of Muebles Fino Buenos workers.



Sign the letter going to this link:

Tijuana Maquiladora Workers' Struggle Goes to the Root

They are twenty six brave Tijuana workers.
First, they stood up to the maquiladora.
Then, they fought the maquiladora's union.
After that, they confronted the corruption of the government's Labor Department.
Now, they are going to the root of the problem and suing the maquiladora, the union and the government.
They demand the payment of their salaries.
But also, they demand fraud charges and jail for all three.

They are carpenters who built furniture for 20 years.
They created bedroom furniture and dining tables that are used today in thousands of California homes.
They are hardly unique in Tijuana.
Many more demand that maquiladoras pay their salaries.
That they don't run away from Tijuana without paying them
After years of sucking their blood and work.

But these carpenters are the first workers in Tijuana
Who demand not only money, but also jail
For the deceitful maquiladora' lawyer
For the corrupt union leader
And for the inept government official who is an accomplice.

The carpenters go to the root.
Now they don't build furniture, but justice.
Would you like to support this battle of David vs. Goliath?
Read the letter of support below.
Sign it, if you please.
Your signature can make the difference.
Use the power of your signature!


Trabajadores y trabajadoras de Tijuana en lucha excavan y llegan a la raíz

Son veinte y seis aguerridos trabajadores y trabajadoras de Tijuana.
Primero se enfrentaron a la empresa maquiladora.
Luego pelearon contra el sindicato de la empresa.
Luego siguieron contra la corrupción del gobierno: la Secretaría del Trabajo.
Hoy van a la raíz y demandan a la empresa, al sindicato y al gobierno.
Exigen que vayan a la cárcel por fraude.
Demandan que les paguen lo que la empresa les debe.
Son carpinteros y por 20 años construyeron muebles.
Ellos fabricaron miles de recámaras y comedores que hoy se usan en California.

Estos carpinteros no son únicos en Tijuana.
Miles de trabajadores demandan que las maquilas les paguen.
Que no huyan de Tijuana sin pagarles
Después de por años chuparles la sangre.

Pero estos carpinteros parece que son los primeros
Que además del dinero piden cárcel
para el abogado ratero
para el sindicato corrupto
para el funcionario inepto y cómplice

Los carpinteros van a fondo, a la raiz
Ahora no construyen muebles sino justicia
¿Quieres apoyar esta batalla de David contra Goliat?
Revisa la carta de apoyo
Y fírmala, si quieres.
Tu firma puede hacer la diferencia
¡Usa el poder de tu firma!


Carta de solidaridad con los y las trabajadoras de Muebles Fino Buenos de Tijuana
Maquiladora de la compañía Good Companies, Finegood the Company y Holding's Inc. from Carson, California

Firma esta carta usando el link:
(Copia la direccion y pegala en tu navegador de internet)

Señor José Guadalupe Osuna Millán
Gobernador de Baja California
Lic. Rommel Moreno Manjarrez
Procurador General de Justicia
Estado de Baja California

Un grupo de ex-trabajadores de de la empresa maquiladora "Muebles Fino Buenos, SA de CV. "de Tijuana han hecho una denuncia penal en contra del abogado de la empresa, Vladimir Téllez Montaño, del secretario general del sindicato de la empresa, Cesar Soto Agüero, así como del presidente y secretario de la Junta Especial Numero Cinco de la Local de Conciliación y Arbitraje en Tijuana, licenciados Leonardo Martinez Delgado y Abel Ulises Monge Angulo. Los trabajadores denuncian fraude y abuso de autoridad y piden la consignación y acción penal contra los acusados así como la reparación del daño hecho a ellos. Esta demanda fue levantada el día 14 de marzo de 2008 ante el Agente del Ministerio Público del Fuero Común, Unidad Orgánica de Delitos Patrimoniales, con el expediente # A.P.3217/08.

De acuerdo con los ex-trabajadores, su conflicto comenzó desde 2006. El día 20 de octubre de 2006, el líder sindical que dice representarlos, Cesar Soto Agüero, declaró una huelga a nombre de los trabajadores y en contra de la compañía. Según el sindicato, la fábrica iba a cerrar y el objetivo de la huelga era forzar a la compañía a pagar adeudos e indemnización. Entre los aproximadamente 900 trabajadores de la empresa, había unos con más de 10 años de antigüedad.

Sin embargo, los trabajadores explican que el sindicato estaba a favor la empresa y que la huelga sólo sirvió para posponer el pago del dinero que la empresa les debía. El sindicato prolongó la huelga para desanimar a los trabajadores mientras la empresa ofrecía pagos muy pequeños. Gracias al sindicato, muchos trabajadores aceptaron las migajas de la empresa. Los que resistieron fueron amenazados y agredidos por golpeadores del sindicato.

La huelga duró 13 meses y se levantó el 28 de noviembre del 2007. Pero el líder firmó un convenio con la empresa sin consultarlos. La empresa les aproximadamente 25% del adeudo real. Los trabajadores rechazaron el acuerdo, pero la Junta de Conciliación y Arbitraje lo ratificó.

Ante esta burla, un grupo de 26 trabajadores respondieron con una denuncia penal. Ellos explican que el artículo 33 de la Ley Federal del Trabajo declara nulo un convenio en que los salarios y prestaciones no sean respetados. Los trabajadores afirman que funcionarios públicos han cometido un delito de fraude y ahora demandan la consignación abogado de la empresa, del líder sindical y del presidente y secretario de la junta de conciliación que avalaron el convenio.

Los firmantes de esta carta, ciudadanos de México, Estados Unidos y otros países, nos hemos unido para demandar se respete la ley y se haga justicia a los ex-trabajadores de Muebles Fino Buenos.

Se anexa carta en español de los ex-trabajadores de Muebles Fino Buenos



Firma esta carta usando el link:
(Copia la direccion y pegala en tu navegador de internet)


(Good Companies, Finegood the Company, y Holding's Inc.)

Al pueblo de Tijuana,
Al pueblo de todo México
A los Pueblos del mundo.

Que se entere todo México, somos ex trabajadores y ex trabajadoras de Muebles Fino Bueno, fabrica de muebles de capital estadounidense, de Carlson California, fuimos operadores de máquinas para muebles, perforadoras, taladros, pintadoras, montacargas y cortadoras y algunos supervisores. Nuestra antigüedad, en esa maquila era de 3 a 16 años. Dejamos parte de nuestra vida ahí.

El 6 de octubre del 2006 nos dijeron que nos iban a dar a todo el personal una semana de vacaciones. Aunque nos tocaran más días de vacaciones sólo nos darían y pagarían 8 días, y a los y las que nos les tocaban se las dieron adelantadas y nos la pagaron. Después nos hicieron una reunión donde dieron otra semana de "descanso" y no la pagaron

El 20 de octubre del 2006, estalló una huelga. El sindicato "fantasma" Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria, el Comercio, la Maquila, Conexos y Similares "Guadalupe Victoria", de la Confederación Revolucionaria Obrero Campesina (CROC) impuso una huelga a 900 trabajadores de la fábrica Muebles Fino Buenos. El secretario general de ese sindicato fantasma era Cesar Soto Agüero, al que no conocíamos hasta esos días de la huelga, ni pensábamos que era del sindicato, mucho menos trabajador, pensábamos que era licenciado. Este señor hacía juntas cada ocho días y decía que pelearía por nosotros y que las demandas de la huelga eran que nos pagaran el 100% de las prestaciones que marca la ley como la indemnización constitucional de 90 días de salario, más la prima de antigüedad de 12 días por año trabajado, más 20 días por año trabajado, más las prestaciones que nos debían, más los salarios caídos, hasta que se dictara el laudo de la JLCA y nos pagaran el 100%

Nos robaron: Después de más de un año de huelga, nosotros resistimos ataques del sindicato. Nosotros pusimos guardias para cuidar la fábrica, pero Cesar Soto nos envió un montón de gentes del sindicato y a otros malandrines encabezados por él mismo y por su hermano que con gran cinismo nos decían "ratas" y nos acusaban de robar la fábrica que nosotros cuidábamos para el sindicato y la empresa no se metieran ni robaran nada de la fábrica. Por eso no querían nuestras guardias. Por eso los cuestionamos que nos demostraran si éramos "ratas," pero nunca contestaron y en cambio nos agredieron, tumbaron nuestra carpa y se robaron el tanque de gas, la lona y los trastes y nos amenazaron que no nos querían ver a menos de cien metros de la puerta de la fábrica. Pero no caímos en sus provocaciones ni respondimos la agresión, pues era lo que el sindicato quería para que perdiéramos la demanda y metieron a los malandrines a la fábrica. En una ocasión agredieron a golpes a trabajadoras y trabajadores que estábamos de guardia. No nos dejamos y los vecinos salieron a defendernos. Nosotros seguimos las guardias en la banqueta gracias a un vecino que nos defendió, que dijo que podíamos quedarnos en su banqueta, y que enfrentó a los del sindicato: les dijo que él autorizaba que estuviéramos los trabajadores en su banqueta y pedía que ya nos dejaron en paz. Después las organizaciones nos prestaron una carpita y nos apoyaron a hacer presión.
Finalmente, el sindicato de la CROC y la empresa hicieron un arreglo en contra de nosotros. El 28 de noviembre de 2007, Vladimir Téllez, abogado de la empresa, y Cesar Soto, Secretario General del sindicato "fantasma" decidieron poner fin a la huelga y firmaron un convenio donde una vez más se burlaban de los derechos de los y las trabajadoras, pagándonos solamente entre el 23 y el 29 % de lo que realmente correspondía a nuestras indemnizaciones. El convenio que fue ilegalmente avalado por la Junta Local de Conciliación y Arbitraje, cuando se supone que la JLCA tenía que exigir a la empresa y al sindicato que nos pagaran el 100% de lo que marca la ley y no el 23%.
Robo en despoblado: Así nos sentimos con este convenio que nos quieren imponer la empresa Muebles Fino Buenos o Fine Goods, sus representantes, como el ingeniero Eduardo García y el abogado Vladimir Téllez, el sindicato fantasma autodenominado sindicato de los trabajadores y la JLCA. Todos ellos han caído en el delito de fraude y abuso de autoridad al querer engañarnos con la miseria que nos han dado y del cual no quedamos conformes y por eso seguimos organizados y luchando.

Queremos justicia: que le regresen al Cesar lo que es del Cesar, o sea que nos se pague lo que nos corresponde del convenio original a los trabajadores y trabajadoras de Muebles Fino Buenos y no al fantasma sindical Cesar Soto, a quien no le corresponde nada porque nunca ha sido trabajador de Muebles Fino Buenos y que sólo le ha vendido la protección patronal a los señores Fine Goods

Que nos paguen lo que nos deben los mendigos, es decir el charro fantasma Cesar Soto, la empresa, su licenciado y la autoridad que violó la ley, pues el gobierno federal, y la Secretaria de Trabajo y Previsión Social (STPS) es a quien le corresponde vigilar que se cumplan las leyes laborales y constitucionales en nuestro país y en este caso no lo están haciendo. Es por eso que los sindicatos charros fantasmas hacen de las suyas, por falta de vigilancia de la autoridad, pues todo viene desde arriba, hasta el presidente de la republica apoya al empresarial, porque de ahí viene y se quieren aprovechar de que dicen que no sabemos de leyes y nos quieren engañar bien bonito y nosotros estábamos actuando derechamente, pensábamos que era legal lo que decía. Pues de ahí vienen lo de los salarios mínimos, los no aumentos de salarios, la injusticia laboral.

Los tres son un solo cabrón sindicato, Junta Local y patrón.

No es verdad que la JLCA y sus autoridades son neutros y que no pueden meterse entre los trabajadores y estos sindicatos fantasmas, pues estos sindicatos ni los conocemos, ni nunca los elegimos como nuestros representantes y no los queremos. Están violando la ley y sus propios convenios; la autoridad laboral tiene que actuar en defensa de la LFT, la constitución y los derechos de los y las trabajadoras.

Esperamos que ahora sí las autoridades sean justas y legales para recuperar nuestro patrimonio que quieren quedárselo entre la empresa Muebles Fino Buenos y el Sindicato fantasma de la CROC. Pedimos tu apoyo como trabajador, como trabajadora, como organización, como compañeros que somos unos mismos, para que la autoridad actúe legalmente.

Alto a los sindicatos fantasmas, patronales y blancos
La ley debe ser justa, si es que existe

Atentamente, ex trabajadores y ex trabajadoras de Muebles Fino Buenos

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